The 2-0-Sickness Albulation, released by Paradine Records, showcases the talents of Paradine Records entire crew, specifically Baby C, Sublymminal, Metasin as the core performers, as well as Lonnie MAV Perrin on production, and Steve Sherrard ( Music Tech Studios ) as the engineer. The album is comprised of a mixture of 15 alluring songs, which include both solo, and collaborative efforts. The music on this album is lively, consistent, and of excellent production quality, featuring some sure shot hits, and fan favorites. Arranged near perfectly, the flow of this album demands attention, and satisfies fans equally." For starters, fans are introduced to the first track, which is a bland introduction, only a few seconds long, and more of a cliquish shot out, having no real mention able musical value. As fans are quickly rushed to the second track, "The Struggles", the albums lead single, and the brightest spot blessing this album, fans quickly realize the quality of music Baby C, and Sublymminal deliver with absolutely no disappointments, and true, natural talent. "The Struggles" prove the artists at Paradine Records are at the top of their game, delivering their best. The third cut on this album, "All In You", featuring the offensive vocals of Metasin which almost certainly tune out the majority of the population of listeners who dig Gospel music, and other positive recordings. Metasin brings calm, smooth rhymes, strongly holding fans attention. "All In You" also features a females voice at points in the cut, giving fans something extra to "get the music off", with absolutely no faking the funk. The music continues, the beats continue to compliment the exceptional vocal content, and fans continue to be appeased right through to the end. Other notable tracks featured on The 2-0 Sickness Albulation are "One Time", a funky upbeat track featuring strong vocals from Metasin, "The World Turns ( 360 Degrees )", a conceptual piece featuring Sublymminals best solo performance, and "Da Reaper" which highlights some excellent production, and some extremely hot vocals by Baby C, flipping a quick, tongue twisting rhyme & style. Low points in this album fall in-between the bland intro, and the offensive material that fans will surely critique, both of which are disputable as being either positive or negative aspects. Although, most fans will agree Metasin struck a hard, deep blow against females in "All In You". High points this album features are consistently exceptional production, and vocal performances through-out, 16 tracks, 15 of which easily appease fans, and the wonderful presentation of the album ( artwork & packaging ) which compliments the high quality of the music. No disappointments in terms of the lively impact of the music, both on a club vibe, and a conceptual level, in fact Paradine puts it better, "Some Tracks are laced with serious thought provoking lyrics, and soul piercing melodies, and some tracks dive down into the witty, down to earth, and sometimes offensive side of the Paradine mind". Credit must be given to contributors of this album for adding a touch of realism into their music. Overall, whether you dig it, or you don’t for whatever reason, there is absolutely no question all of the talented artists featured on The 2-0 Sickness Albulation are highly skilled, having mastered the art of keeping fans entertained and in tune with the music. Depending on view points, there are no disappointments on this album, definitely worth checking out.  ” - Hip Hop

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MONDAY 1/28 2-0-$ICKNESS SHOWCASE w/BABY C, SUBLYMMINAL, METASIN, ISOLATED M-PYRE, REBELZ, T-MACN(Ballard Firehouse) Baby C made a splash nationally with the singles "Mob with Me" and "If You Want Some (Come and Get Some)," landing him the opening slot at KUBE's 2000 Gorge concert, as well as a short spot on The Jenny Jones Show. The new 2-0-$ickness compilation Albulation features Baby C with Metasin and Sublymminal, and I don't know who the others are, except that they must be up in the crew. In case you didn't catch it, the name is our area code, collided with "sickness" and stamped with a money sign. I think this is awfully clever. Except that a few of my other friends used to say "I have the 2-0-sickness" to say they were sick of Seattle. We need to get a final word on the use of this slang, everyone. BRIAN GOEDDE” - Brian Goedde

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